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Steel industry into the service from the manufacturer to change a new era

Public date: 2018/3/6 9:57:34

"At present, China's steel pipe industry has entered a new era of transition from manufacturer to service provider." Steel pipe enterprises should promote industrial restructuring and upgrading by taking advantage of the cross-border integration of information and communication technologies with various industries based on the Internet platform, Production to meet the diverse needs of small quantities of personalized demand, and constantly create new products, new business and new models to ensure the continued competitiveness of enterprises and achieve long-term development goals. "In October 20 ~ 22 held in the China Steel Structural Steel Branch of the Third Branch of the Seventh Congress, the leaders of the Steel Branch pointed out that in the country to promote supply-side structural reforms, efforts to resolve excess steel production capacity, the complete elimination of "strip" and other policy measures under the strong impetus to China's steel pipe Both output and apparent increase in consumption, steel prices showed a more substantial rebound.

At the meeting, Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, made a "Report on the Judgment and Analysis of Current Macroeconomic Situations and Policy Orientations", and Vice Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association Gu Jingdong made a report titled "Status Quo and Development Trend of Iron and Steel Industry Policy" Xiong Jianxin, deputy chief engineer of the Materials and Equipment Department, introduced the standard system of ES (E --- Environmental Management System S --- Occupational Health and Safety Management System). National Steel Standard Committee Steel Pipe Technical Committee introduced the implementation of the standard pipe welding enterprises GB / T3091-2015 inspection, and to the implementation of standards issued by the enterprise certificate. More than 140 members from China Steel Structure Association Pipe Branch units, some members of business representatives and distributors on the steel market situation and future trends in-depth discussions.

Desire to export pipe industry into the era of quality and efficiency

Since 2014, the prices of steel pipe in the domestic market have been falling all the way, further intensifying in 2015 and breaking the new low since the record of the price index. In early 2016, the price of steel pipe began to rise. According to the monthly price movements of 4 steel pipe varieties in the domestic market monitored by the China Iron and Steel Association, the price of hot rolled seamless steel pipe, welded pipe and galvanized pipe rose sharply. Only the price of cold drawn pipe rose less and remained stable. From January to August this year, the apparent consumption of domestic steel pipe was 56,359,700 tons, an increase of 2.25% over the same period of last year. Among them, the apparent consumption of welded pipe was 41,185,900 tons, an increase of 2.44%; apparent consumption of seamless steel pipe was 15,509,800 tons, an increase of 1.08%. There are indications that steel pipe industry has entered an era of quality and efficiency.

The meeting held that at present the overall quality level of China's steel pipe industry and the international advanced countries there is still a gap, especially in some high-end products, the quality of its stability, reliability and durability needs to be improved. At the same time, with the domestic steel prices higher than the international price, steel pipe manufacturers export will decline. According to customs statistics, from January to August, China's total exports of steel pipe fell 7.9% year on year, total imports of steel pipe increased 7.69%. Among them, from the export data of seamless pipe from January to August, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are still the major export destinations in China. The largest export volume of seamless pipe to the destination country is Kuwait, while the largest export value is from India. Imports As regards the import of seamless steel tubes in China, Germany and Japan are the main sources of imports. In terms of quantity, Germany ranks first and Japan ranks first in terms of the amount. According to the export situation of welded pipe from January to August, Southeast Asia is the main export destination of China and the largest quantity and amount of exports to the destination countries are the Philippines. In terms of imports, South Korea and Japan are the main sources of pipe imports in China, From a quantitative point of view, South Korea ranked first, from the amount of Japan ranked first.

Good performance this year, but go to capacity, can not loose leverage

The meeting pointed out that with the improvement of the operating environment in the steel market and the efforts made by the steel pipe enterprises to make profits, the steel pipe industry in China achieved relatively satisfactory results this year. Energy pipe manufacturers in the absence of significant growth in demand, achieved a substantial reduction in profits, some companies turn around to profitability. The overall benefits of galvanized pipe and square rectangular pipe production enterprises are better than the same period of last year.

At the same time, this year, steel companies to increase product mix and new product development efforts. After making profit, some enterprises did not blindly expand their production capacity. Instead, they considered the long-term development of the enterprise, made efforts to improve product value and promote the extension of the industrial chain, accelerated the pace of process improvement and technological innovation, and strengthened the formulation of steel pipe standards And revised and played a supportive role of the standard in improving quality and resolving excess capacity. In response to the environmental protection requirements of the state and local governments, since last year, steel pipe enterprises in various provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in China have dismantled their gas-fired furnaces and switched to natural gas heating tubes at higher cost pressures .

For the next step of the trend of China's steel pipe industry, the meeting proposed that deleveraging is one of the major tasks in the steel pipe industry. The meeting called for the steel pipe manufacturing enterprises to continue to strengthen exchanges and communication with the financial management departments and financial institutions in order to obtain further support to promote relevant policies as soon as possible, improve the corporate financing environment, reduce the company's asset-liability ratio and reduce the financial costs of enterprises.

At the same time, the meeting also urged the steel pipe industry to resolutely implement the state to capacity, eliminate backward policies, and promote mergers and acquisitions; encourage enterprises to implement cross-sectoral, inter-regional and cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions to promote regional mergers and acquisitions of the advantages of steel pipe enterprises to form A number of large and large-sized steel pipe enterprise groups; formed a number of specialized backbone enterprises in some market segments and sought to change the situation of "small, scattered and chaotic"; more applied the market mechanism to realize the survival of the fittest; increased regional industrial concentration and Market influence.

In addition, the steel pipe enterprises should constantly adjust their business ideas, lead the development of their enterprises with innovative ideas and ensure that the enterprises maintain a good operating situation; strengthen self-regulation of the industry and create a level playing field; actively promote the development of the industry to a new mode of intelligent manufacturing based on the Internet platform, We will promote industrial restructuring and upgrading through cross-border integration of information and communications technologies and various industries. We will speed up the system reform and standardization by combining with the reform of the national standardization work, promote research and formulation of corporate standards, and improve product quality of service and production and management efficiency. Adhere to the concept of green development, speed up the application of advanced and mature energy-saving and environmental protection technological transformation, ensure that energy consumption fully complies with national quota standards, discharge major pollutants in a comprehensive manner, and continue to organize and carry out key common technologies for energy saving and environmental protection Tackle key problems and improve the innovation capability and level of green manufacturing.