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How to eliminate the unsuitable amount of spiral piles?

Public date: 2018/3/14 10:32:25

1. The spiral pile will be fed into the pile drum before it is fed or fed to the auger and moved back so that the spacing between the feed chain and the elastic tip is between ten and fifteen millimeters.

2. Normally, the header is inserted into the auger standard clutch. The length of the replacement should be suitable. When the pile is too large, it can rotate in time. The spiral pile avoids the blockage of the feed chain and the drum.

3. Regularly adjust the front and rear position of the pile wheel. Under the premise of not hitting the cutter normally, the spiral pile reel should be moved backward normally.

4. Spiral pile correction The header is fed into the rotating blade to restore its height to a normal value.

5. The standard good header is added with the auger bump, and the spiral pile makes the teaching 10 mm from the bottom plate.