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What is the processing technology of spiral piles?

Public date: 2018/3/30 10:33:08

Spiral piles are generally produced by qualified cutting, deformation, welding, pickling, hot-dip, and other processes. Among them, pickling and hot-dip galvanizing are important anti-corrosion treatment processes, which directly affect the service life of spiral piles. .

The level of pile processing directly determines the service life of metal piles, such as the quality of welded pipes, the quality level of welding, whether there are blisters, virtual welds, and the width of welding, which affect the future service life of the piles and the quality of subsequent processing. Pickling is an important anti-corrosion process, and the quality of hot-plating, such as the time of hot-plating, the quality of the surface treatment, affects the quality of the pile anti-corrosion treatment. In general, spiral piles can be used for 40-80 years. The application of the environment and application methods also affect the service life of the piles, such as the degree of acidity and alkalinity of the soil, whether the operation process is proper or not, improper use, which will lead to the damage of the metal pile surface and damage the metal protective layer. Metal piles are accelerated and reduce service life.