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How to maintain the spiral pile?

Public date: 2018/7/21 10:42:04

In general, the hot-dip galvanizing treatment of the surface of the spiral pile can effectively prevent corrosion. After the surface is coated with hot-dip galvanizing technology, it can effectively carry the load-bearing structure and corrosion resistance, and the stability and service life are obtained. Corresponding improvement.

Spiral piles have structural compatibility. Different spiral piles can be used according to different needs of customers and the specific environment used. There is no need to damage the surrounding environment, no need to excavate land or inject cement, and spiral piles directly hit the ground, greatly reducing the number of piles. The project cost increases the safety factor.

As the basic structure of the ground power station support system, the spiral pile plays a key role in connecting and supporting. The spiral pile is most prone to corrosion, which will not only cause instability or collapse of some power station support systems, but even affect the whole. The service life of the power station, so the corrosion of the spiral pile must be taken seriously.