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Spiral pile construction is very technical

Public date: 2018/11/13 11:18:47

The screwing of spiral piles is generally open-air operation, and the working environment is sometimes very bad. In order to ensure the quality of the project and the construction progress, the quality of the spiral piles must be qualified to ensure the progress and reliability of the construction. The failure can be eliminated in time to reduce the construction cost of the project.

The construction of spiral piles is very technical.

Spiral pile construction is very technical

Generally speaking, the selection, use, maintenance and management of spiral piles are highly technical and economical, and timely maintenance is the key to ensure the normal operation of spiral piles and fully exert their effectiveness. The following points:

1, must overcome the shortcomings of "re-production and light maintenance", daily maintenance and maintenance can not be less; must be sent for repair in a timely manner, never allowed to carry sick work

2. The spiral piles should be placed neatly after entering the site to prevent bumps and must be properly managed to prevent wind, sun and rain, causing corrosion and damage;

3, respect the use of spiral piles, can not be arbitrarily changed, must be disassembled according to the instructions for use, after the assembly to test run.