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How to choose spiral piles?

Public date: 2018/11/13 11:19:57

Reasons for the site of the project, the climate surrounding it, etc.;

The completion time specified in the project;

The cost of investment also has economic benefits;

How to choose spiral piles?

For the supplier to implement the prohibition of screening and future maintenance and quality assurance issues.

Therefore, if the working place is far away from the water source, and the construction period is urgent, but the soil conditions can be allowed, we recommend that the customer choose the screw pile. However, in the experience of the three large ground power stations that Baowei used to be, we also saw that the foundation of the foundation is indeed an irreplaceable advantage over the cement foundation. For example, the completion of the pile foundation. It is 1/4 of the cement foundation, but the artificial input is 1/3 of the cement foundation. Today, with the rapid rise in prices, the low-value labor capacity alone can no longer meet the cost limit requirements of a project. Only through simple, high-efficiency and current mechanical products can the benefits be realized. maximize. Baowei will dispatch engineers to the site to conduct on-site investigation when receiving the project.