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Spiral pile drilling rig can improve work safety

Public date: 2018/11/13 11:22:50

With the increase in the demand for solar silicon panels, the use of spiral piles with supporting effects is becoming more and more extensive. At present, many small spiral piles are drilled by manual manual screwing, and medium spiral piles are driven by electric tools. Into the drilling, and the large spiral piles are driven by special machinery and equipment. In order to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve work safety, all spiral piles can be drilled with a special spiral pile rig. .

Spiral pile drilling rig can improve work safety

The spiral pile drilling rig has good maneuverability, large rotating torque, high speed, wide working range, low energy consumption, fast drilling speed, high efficiency, light and sensitive operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, and can drill multiple spirals in one walking position. Piles, saving auxiliary working moments, and can satisfy the requirements of multi-directional drilling, spiral piles with different scales and installation methods, and the spiral pile driving combined device of corresponding scale and device mode can be selected to get used to drilling spiral piles. Or spin out the demand, satisfied with the need to spin a pitch of a spiral pile in a week.